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Carpets Rugs and Upholstery are expensive items and need to be cleaned and maintained for maximum life. You are best advised to vacuum regularly, but try NOT to use high street cleaning materials which often contain bleaches and chemicals that may harm your fabrics or possibly, and even more worryingly, yourselves, your children or your pets.

For more information go to the Carpets Rugs and Upholstery page or the Commerical Carpet Cleaning page

Accidents and Spillages don't have to become stains. The sooner you treat a spill, the more easily the dirt will come out. We cannot guarantee stain removal, but for the best chance of stain extraction - Call us ASAP!

For more information go to the Emergency Call Out page.

We offer a wide range of valets, from an exterior wash to a full showroom standard valet. We bring a fully equipped mobile service to your door, including our own water and electricity supply. We are fully insured, CRB checked and certificated by Leeds Directory.

For more information go to the Mobile Car Valet Service page.

Other Serivces

You can purchase FabriClean Solution's Micro Splitter* directly from us. Please email us on the contact page for details.