FAQs and Misconceptions

Frequently Asked Questions

Never wet. Sometimes damp and sometimes touch dry. They will usually always dry within an hour to two or we can leave a specialist dryer to speed up the process.
We believe a green clean is a healthier clean for you, your carpets and your environment. Detergents are usually toxic and often leave re-soiling residues and odours. Cleaning without chemicals is especially good if anyone suffers with any form of allergy, eczema or asthma or if there are pets, babies or toddlers in the environment. (Most of time we are able to clean without chemicals. Very occasionally we may need to use a chemical and if that is the case we will discuss it with you before-hand).
99% of the time we can. However, we cannot guarantee all stains will come out. We stand a much higher chance of removing these problematic stains if you call us out as soon as there has been a spillage.
No – we will move everything, but advise you to move any valuable items, however if you prefer we will move those for you as well.
Our machinery and products are state of the art and ensure a thorough deep clean without bleaches or chemicals. We also have over 20 years experience in the industry and can always provide a reference. We are CRB checked so you have peace of mind whether you are in or out of the property when we come to clean. There are many reasons we stand apart from others. The real test is for you to call us out to do a job! We work on recommendations so it is really important to us that we offer the very best service.
Most definitely. Whether you are looking for an annual, bi-annual, or a one off clean, we can discuss maintenance and create a package that is right for you be it domestic or commercial.
We have experience of cleaning for the elderly, disabled and bed bound. You can rest assured that they will be completely safe. We are CRB checked and can also provide references. We are also certified by The Leeds Directory for the elderly and have their green tick of approval.

Misconceptions of Carpet Cleaning

No! Dirt is abrasive- like sandpaper. Every time you step on your carpet, you grind dirt into the fibres. This cuts and damages your carpet causing it to wear out faster. A dirty carpet will not last as long as a clean carpet. And while vacuuming helps -by itself, it's simply not enough. The longer you wait to have your carpet cleaned, the more damage you do to your carpet and the faster it wears out. When carpets are cleaned correctly there will be no problems only benefits.
Not the only reason. Many people suffer from allergies or breathing problems and the source could be in your carpets and soft furnishings. Air contains pollens, fungus, bacteria, pollution, cigarette smoke, car exhaust- and hundreds of other chemicals, bugs and germs. Soft furnishings, especially carpets harbour these substances.
We use a water extraction system because we believe, as do many industry experts, that it is the most thorough cleaning process. The dry cleaning methods- which are dry foam, dry chemicals, and dry compound- do not “rinse” your carpet in any way. Instead, they leave residue. Our method physically rinses the carpet and removes more dirt, bacteria and other residues than dry or low moisture systems. We use a water extraction and micro splitting method (take out system).
There is a huge difference in the quality of equipment, products and results from one company to the next. What may seem a little more in the short term becomes less expensive in the long run because with the correct deep cleaning process you won’t need as many cleans. We suggest you NEVER hire a company that quotes an unbelievably cheap rate. As the saying goes; “if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is!”
Be careful of who you hire. Some cleans result in half cleaned, over wet carpet and furnishings with shampoo residue left behind. This residue attracts soil and looks as dirty again within weeks. This is where the misconception of the more you have them cleaned, the more they need cleaning comes from.
There are occasions when a guideline quote can be given over the telephone, but it is usually best and more accurate for us to call out and quote. This way we can see what the job entails and you will know not only the exact cost, but also who you are employing to do the job. Beware of some companies who offer very cheap telephone quotes but inflate the cost when they come to do the job explaining they were unaware of something that needed doing. A quick look at the job and a face to face meeting avoids any doubt or unexpected inflated costs.