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Carpets Rugs and Upholstery

CARPETS RUGS and UPHOLSTERY are expensive items and need to be cleaned and maintained for maximum life. You are best advised to vacuum regularly, but try NOT to use high street cleaning materials which often contain bleaches and chemicals that may harm your fabrics or possibly, and even more worryingly, yourselves, your children or your pets.

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Carpets and soft furnishings collect dust, grit, skin cells, crumbs, pet and human hair etc. Whilst vacuuming helps, it does not extract everything that has settled deep into the fibres, therefore deep cleaning means you are living in a more hygienic and germ free environment, especially if you suffer with asthma, eczema or allergies.

Having your carpets, rugs and upholstery professionally cleaned on a regular basis will extend their life and maintain their appearance. If you don't have them deep cleaned, or use inappropriate products, their life expectancy will reduce and you may have to replace them sooner than you had planned.

Our SPECIALIST RUG CLEANING SERVICE means we can deep clean the most delicate of fabrics including sheepskin, wool, silk and oriental rugs restoring their original lustre.

DRYING TIMES - We expect carpets, rugs and upholstery to dry within 2 to 3 hours. We can supply a specialist blow dryer if a quicker time is needed. Please note that we move and put back all the furniture. We offer various STAIN GUARD treatment options which will protect against future spots, stains or spillages.

We offer a RUG COLLECTION SERVICE. We will pick up your rugs from your home or work place and drop them back off after cleaning.

We Use A Micro Splitting Product

What is it? Micro splitters are advanced and developed non toxic Saline based solutions. When applied, these solutions break down the attachment between the dirt particles and carpet/fabric fibres.

Why choose it? Micro splitting is a green cleaning method so your environment and every one in it is protected, including children, babies and pets. There are no chemicals or shampoos in these products. Chemicals and shampoos leave sticky residues in the fibres so carpets appear to get dirty again fairly quickly. Micro splitting leaves no such residues ensuring a thorough pure deep clean.

What are the benefits? The micro splitting method is completely safe and ozone friendly. Many people suffer from skin and breathing conditions and fear having the fabrics they touch or breathe around cleaned because of the potential health damage. There is no such issue with the micro splitting method.